Car Accidents

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When a person is involved in any type of motor vehicle collision, the results are often much more traumatizing and severe than one would think. On top of sustaining damage to the vehicle, a person may also experience both physical and emotional injury from the incident – even if the damage is very minor. Catastrophic injuries, such as neck injuries and traumatic brain injury can stem from a fender bender that appears to be minor.

It is very important to understand that motor vehicle accidents are serious and may have lasting financial, physical and emotional impacts on a victim. Although many collisions are minor and may cause little to no injury, accidents that leave one or more victims hospitalized or suffering from serious injuries require the immediate attention of an experienced lawyer.

 You will need to deal with the insurance claim, law enforcement and the other driver and may find that you have difficulty in recovering the fair financial compensation you need for medical care, damage to your vehicle and more.